Younger Games, Round Seven! And the winner is…?

So quite a few people have been wondering who Artemis is fighting. Although Kate’s been paired with Robin, she’ll be used twice in Younger Games because the numbers are uneven. And who doesn’t want a badass female archer fight?

So on with our next fight…

Artemis Crock

  • Advantages: Life-long Training, Practiced Solo-fighter
  • Disadvantages: One Weapon, Not Even Her Weapon, Hot-Headed

Kate Bishop/Hawkeye II

  • Advantages: Three Weapons, Improvisation, Strategic
  • Disadvantages: Fights Best on a Team, Limited Training


So first thing is first: let’s compare the quiver. Both of these guys tote about the basics: piercing, explosive, foam, bola, smoke, grappling hook, and net arrows. Some differences I’ve seen is Kate has used EMP and boomerang arrows, while Artemis has used tracking arrows. Aside from perhaps surprising Artemis with a boomerang arrow (because NO ONE expects an arrow to do that because it SHOULDN’T), I think most of these are rather specific to the fights they were in at the time. Since Kate has Hawkeye’s actual bow and quiver, I’m tempted to say she wins on the equipment front, but I’ll call it even since I’m sure Green Arrow contributed a lot to Artemis’ arsenal.

I can’t really see a definitive difference on first hit since both of these guys are pretty quick to shoot. Must be the archery dinosaurs.

 Despite my love for the little green archer, I’d say Artemis is at a disadvantage for multiple reason. First off, archery isn’t actually her expertise. Fighting is, but archery in particular isn’t. This gives Kate a long range advantage which could be pretty killer. If we move away from shooting, Artemis is still at a disadvantage. Without a bow, she has her acrobatics and martial arts, while Kate has a sword, Mockingbird’s battle staves, as well as her own martial arts skills. Artemis may have lifelong training on her side, but Kate’s photographic reflexes should counter balance this.

Now Artemis does get bonus points for being ruthless, aggressive, and a good solo fighter. Meanwhile Kate will waste a decent amount of time trying to use a net arrow on Artemis and failing completely before trying more violent measures. This will most definitely be a full on cat-fight to the death, and Artemis is not going down without blowing up a few buildings on the way. However, I think Kate’s level-head (relative to Artemis) will give her a strategic leg up. Without brute strength or powers to make a definitive advantage, strategy means a lot. 

All around I would call this a very even fight. However, in the end, I think Kate’s got better equipment, and is a better match for her equipment. 


  • Winner: Kate Bishop/Hawkeye II
  • Duration: 15-20 minutes
  • Collateral Damage: Level 2- “No, not my car!”
  • How’s the Winner looking: Pretty beat, but at least the ego is in tact this time
  • Watch Your Back for: Green Arrow, Kid Flash, and Cheshire. Oops. You might want to call in some back-up Hawkingbird.

Bonus Round:

Who’s the better shot?

All right, well we all know in an archery contest for “who can hit the bullseye” both of these spitfires are just going to blow up the target and give you a “Bitch, please” look. But when it comes to accuracy, I’d definitely give it to Kate. She tends to hit very small strategic targets (such as Kang’s utility belt). However, Artemis may be a faster shot, since she’s extremely aggressive, and tends to shoot explosives which don’t need as much accuracy. All around, I’d call Kate the better shot, since she makes every one count. 

As always, let me know what you think! Does Kate take this round, or is she going to lose 2 for 2? Who has taken a more difficult shot? Longer, Faster, Flashier? Can we put Green Arrow, Artemis, Red Arrow, Hawkeye, and Kate all in a room together and see what happens? Cool thanks. I have a lot of archer love. Put me in there too.

Am I the only one who feels that…

Speedy is the awkward lovechild of Kid Flash and Artemis?

Ignoring all real world physics and timelines, just look at the guy! Even his hair looks like a blend of theirs. This is ridiculous. 

Suddenly your completely random name makes sense. Nothing else does, but at least that mystery is solved! High five team!

Younger Games Round Six! And the winner is…?

New to Younger Games? Well here’s the sitch:Intro  Round 1  Round 2  Round 3 Round 4 Round 5

So in a 3-3 vote, our viewers have done absolutely nothing to break the tie in Round Five. Thanks guys. You’re the best. (no but you are).I’ll update the outcome if we get a majority, just keep all comments on the Round Five post please! Keep being awesome, I love all the great feedback you guys give! Comment of the week goes to speediam for fully supporting bad crowbar jokes.

Moving right along, our next contestants are: 

Conner Kent/Superboy

  • Advantages: Super strength, Super senses, Invulnerability
  • Disadvantages: Rarely utilizes strategy, all brawn no brains (6 month old Hulk)

Cassie Lang/Stature

  • Advantages: Size Changing, Super-strength (when giant), stealth (when small)
  • Disadvantages: Big target, powers tied to her emotions, her emotions tend to be anger (14 year old Hulk) 



Okay, so maybe calling these two articulate hulks isn’t fair, but they do tend to run into battle with zero plan outside of “PUNCH IT REALLY HARD.” This strategy has been used against everything from actual tanks to Doctor Doom. With varying degrees of success. 

So in terms of “first hit” we more or less have a tie, resulting in what is sure to be the most epic and destructive fist bump ever. You could argue that Cassie could go for stealth by shrinking down, but as we’ve already discovered, super-senses and stealth more or less cancel each other out. Between super-hearing and infrared vision, I think Superboy could find Cassie, even at ant-size. Also as the above picture shows….stealth isn’t really her style. 

Unfortunately for Cassie, to gain the super strength she will most definitely need against Superboy, she will be making herself a very, very large target. This means very little dodging for her. However, this also means she will be large enough to simply pick people up and throw them around. Now let’s all imagine Superboy as Cassie’s Barbie for a second.

Perfect. Okay, but in all seriousness, even if Cassie were to toss Superboy this way and that, there is little chance that she’s going to make a real dent in the kid’s stamina. Invulnerability is an advantage that Cassie can’t really counter without getting creative. Let’s all just be thankful that Superboy doesn’t have heat vision, or we’d all be having flashbacks. 

So after a whole lot of punching, throwing, and hulk smashing, this fight is going to go to Superboy and his insane strength and stamina. 


  • Winner: Connor Kent/Superboy
  • Duration: 15-20 minutes
  • Collateral Damage: Level 4— “No, not my city!” But holy shit seriously, these two should NEVER be allowed to fight. They would demolish something. 
  • How’s the Winner Looking?: He needs a new shirt….again. But still looking pretty invulnerable.
  • Watch Your Back For: Vision and Kate. I suspect Vision will discover you are vulnerable to Kryptonite and Kate will make an arrow out of it. Good luck!

Bonus Round:

Who would win an arm wrestling contest?

In a fair arm wrestling contest? Superboy, no problem. In the actual arm wrestling contest? Cassie, because she would just grow until Connor has no point of leverage, and slam him on the ground. Thumbs up for cheating! You get ‘em girl!

As always, feel free to add your input and thoughts! Was it a fair call or do you think Cassie’s got a few more tricks up her sleeve? If Cassie and Superboy teamed up could, they fight the actual Hulk? (spoiler alert: no)

Younger Games Round Five! And the winner is…?

New to Younger Games? Here’s the body count: Intro  Round 1  Round 2  Round 3 Round 4

So we have successfully determined that M’gann will beat Teddy, but Billy will then, to quote our viewers, “set her on fire,” “fry her ass,” and then “destroy her.”

I like our viewers XD. No seriously, you guys are the best.

Onto our next round we have:

Kaldur ‘Ahm/Aqualad

  • Advantages: Expert training, flexible weaponry for offense and defense, tactician 
  • Disadvantages: Vulnerable to heat, requires water for his weapon

Elijah Bradley/Patriot:

  • Advantages: Super strength, speed, stamina, and senses, mixed offense/defense
  • Disadvantages: Hot-headed and Aggressive


Although Aqualad and Patriot have very different weaponry and personalities, I would call this the most even round of the Young Games. One is hot headed and one is level headed, but both are effective tacticians and leaders of their teams. Both combatants have the ability to switch between offensive (fists, throwing stars, water) and defensive (shields….more water) weaponry. Because both of them have very effective shielding abilities, this means that half of their hits aren’t going to reach their opponent, shaping this up to be a very long battle.

Now for those of you reading this going “Pffffffft, Aqualad, what’s he going to do, talk to the fish?” you need to stop and go watch an episode of Young Justice. Aqualad is a certified badass who will not hesitate to beat your sorry ass into the ground with a giant hammer, and then electrocute you. And then electrocute you again. Because he’s Aqualad. Haters to the surface. Despite Aqualad’s Atlantian epicness, I think it’s safe to say Eli beats him for sheer physical strength. But surely water whips and years of Atlantian training should beat brute strength?

Well YJ tells us no:

On multiple occasions, it is shown that Superboy (the epitome of brute strength and no brains) beats Aqualad. However, not without a damn good fight from Aqualad’s end (see Episode 1), meaning Aqualad can almost beat Superboy. Although hard to compare, I would say that Patriot is a step below Superboy on the super-strength scale. So as a less powerful version of Superboy, Patriot should be a perfect match for Aqualad.

But here’s the problem….I don’t think either of them would win. Because of their effective shielding and evenly matched abilities, I don’t think either of them can gain a significant enough advantage over the other one to win. Aqualad may have a slight advantage, because of his weaponry and training, but I think this would be canceled out by Patriot’s super stamina and healing. So for the first time in Younger Game history (the entire week of history we have), this will be a tie. Meaning they both lose and knock each other out/pass out from exhaustion. Boo.


  • Winner: No one
  • Duration: 35-45minutes (you poor babies)
  • Collateral Damage: Level 3—“No, not my house!”
  • How’s the Winner Looking: There is no winner. They both look like shit.
  • Watch Your Back For: No one. Kate’s just going to pick Eli up off the floor with a disappointed shake of her head, and then Aqualad’s girlfriend will—-oh wait never mind.

Bonus Round:


A significantly more epic battle than their real fight, this question hits at the very core of these two heroes. One of them is literally covered in their country’s flag and calls himself Patriot, while the other one is the chosen warrior of Atlantis and bros out with the King on occasion. Personally I feel this would be best proved in a shouting match of “FOR ‘MERICA” and “FOR ATLANTIS!” but I guess I’ll use some logic for now. Despite running around in the star-spangled banner, I think Eli is more in love with the concept of super soldiers like Cap and his grandfather than he is with the idea of America. I can’t recall a time when he fights in the name of his country. Aqualad on the other hand, revolves his life around serving his people and his King, making him the more patriotic of the two.  

So what do you think? Is there a real winner to this battle? Does Aqualad’s love of fish beat Eli’s love for apple pie?? 

Younger Games Catchphrases

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I’ve had some spotty internet and was just generally busy. To appease your need for teenage bloodshed I’ve got a few more Catchphrase comics to go with last week’s. Forewarning: I am a terrible person with a terrible sense of humor. You have been warned.

Younger Games Round Four! And the winner is…?

Sorry for the delay everyone! We should be back to our regularly scheduled blood bath per day. Well let’s be honest, all these kids are too nice to really make a proper blood bath, but slight clothing tears and gratuitous CPR may be in order (yup, looking at you YJ).

For those of you just tuning in, here’s a few helpful links: 

Intro  Round 1  Round 2  Round 3

Onto Round Four which will be….

M’gann M’orzz/Miss Martian 

  • Advantages: Camoflauge, Telepathy/Mind Control, Healing
  • Disadvantages: Heat, easily distracted by emotions

Teddy Altman/Hulking

  • Advantages: Superhuman Strength, Healing, Subconscious Metamorphic Adaptation
  • Disadvantages: A bit new to being an alien


Okay, so now we’ve got ourselves a nice alien showdown (spoiler alert?). As you can see, these guys have a few similar abilities, such as healing, and in one way or another, camouflage. However, Teddy’s ability to shapeshift won’t do much in terms of camouflage since Miss Martian can simply read his mind, spotting any disguise a million miles away. On the other hand, Miss Martian’s ability to cloak herself from Teddy shouldn’t be stopped by any of his abilities, giving M’gann the first advantage.

Physically, Teddy’s got M’gann beat six ways to Sunday, but my expectation is that he will never get a chance to A) see her or B) get close enough to touch her. This throws his second advantage, super-human strength, right out the window as well. Sorry Teddy :( Why can’t he touch her? Well as a telepath who sometimes throws planes together with her mind like she’s playing Patty Cake, I expect Miss Martian can throw enough things at Teddy, if not throw Teddy himself, to keep him at arm’s length. 

To top it all off, M’gann has a terrifying knack for knocking people unconscious and/or utilizing mind control when things get rough. So even if Teddy, in his awesome glory, manages to fight off his invisible, telepathic combatant, she may just pull out the big guns and put him to sleep. HOWEVER! A friend of mine brought up a good point: subconscious metamorphic adaptation. Teddy’s shapeshifting is not just external, but internal, and will sometimes adapt subconsciously to protect him. For example, in one comic his vital organs shift during a nasty dissection to keep him alive. Since the brain is an organ that controls thought and M’gann is telepathic, could Teddy’s brain shift to protect him?

Answer: NO IDEA. Seriously, this is an interesting idea, but I haven’t got a clue. My best guess would be probably not. The logic behind it seems somewhat impossible, as the only way to beat a telepath would be to have no thoughts at all, which would leave you otherwise handicapped. However, if someone thinks this could work, please throw me a theory, I’d love one!


  • Winner: M’gann M’orzz/Miss Martian 
  • Duration: 5-10 minutes
  • Collateral Damage: Level 3- “No, not my house!”
  • How’s the Winner Looking: Can’t tell, invisibility does that you know…
  • Watch Your Back For: BILLY MOTHER HUGGING KAPLAN! No but really, if there was ever a time when he’d turn into a nuke, it would be right about now.  

Bonus Round:

I promised myself to never, ever, ever get into a shipping war. BUT IT’S THE YOUNGER GAMES AND ANYTHING GOES!

So who has the better relationship?

Since both these kids are part of their respective team’s main relationships, the question asks itself. Now I know there are a lot of feelings and love on both sides, but objectively, I think Billy and Teddy have a significantly better/healthier relationship. Yes, Miss Martian and Superboy adorably accept one another for who they are, but so do Billy and Teddy, and they also function/express their feelings/don’t throw eggs at each other. Superboy and Miss Martian are still a bit too wrapped up in sorting themselves out (after all he’s 6 months old) that it’s understandable that any attempt at romance is going to be confusing. Billy and Teddy have their slew of problems too, but they communicate through words instead of blank stares. So that’s something. 

All right, Round 4 is all done. So did Teddy really lose? Can you shift your brain to stop a telepath? How screwed is M’gann now that Billy is gunning for her? Let me know what you all think! Next round should be up tomorrow!

[Source is for the lovely gif of M’gann]

(Source: yjgifcave)

Younger Games, Round Three! And the winner is…?

What is this? Check out this post for some background. Round 1 and Round 2 are here.

Right now we’re all tied up, with one win for the Young Avengers and one win for the Young Justice team. Now to tip the scales we have:

Zatanna Zatara

  • Advantages: Cryptic Spells
  • Disadvantages: Limited Spells

Billy Kaplan/Wiccan

  • Advantages: Unlimited Spells
  • Disadvantages: Everyone Can Hear What You Say


Okay, so this fight just isn’t even fair. I would write an explanation of why, but I feel as though this probably explains it better:

That awkward moment when you get mistaken for a nuke.

I personally don’t think there is much question for this one. Zatanna is extremely powerful against most opponents, but her disadvantage is crippling in a fight against Wiccan. With a limited variety of spells, Zatanna can’t hope to match someone who can literally wish for whatever they want.

The one chance I would give Zatanna is that since she can hear exactly what kind of spell Billy is casting, she could prepare, and probably react accordingly for a while. If she has a “Make Billy Kaplan Mute” spell, then she could be all right. But otherwise, it only takes a little “Iwanthertostopspeaking” for Billy to shut Zatanna down. Also as seen above, he has been able to surpass spell casting on occasion, and is just downright over powered. 


  • Winner: Billy Kaplan/Wiccan
  • Duration: 5 minutes or less
  • Collateral Damage: Level 1— “No, not my shrubbery!” They tend to have very person-specific spells, they are unlikely to cause a lot of outside damage in such a short battle. Unless Billy goes nuclear again.
  • How’s the Winner Looking?: A few more rips in his pre-ripped cape, but generally quite fine.
  • Watch Your Back For: Dr. Fate. Your life is terrible, I’m so sorry. On the bright side, at least that would be closer to a fair fight. 

Bonus Round:

What if it was Wiccan versus Dr.Fate-Zatanna? 

I feel as though this would probably be a city-shattering battle, so do not try this at home or within a 50 mile radius of your home. Although this is a close one, I’d put my money on Dr. Fate-Zatanna because of Billy’s inexperience and tendency to cast extremely predictable spells. The veteran knowledge of Dr. Fate would give Zatanna the leg up she needs.

So what do you think? Fair call or does Zatanna have a secret weapon (preferably three nukes)? How terrifying would a Dr. Fate-Zatanna and Billy showdown be? Oh God what if Billy put on the helmet???? Okay, I need to stop.

As always, thanks for your input and for being an awesome audience to the Younger Games!

Younger Games, Round Two! And the winner is…?

So Round One was pretty unanimous. Thanks to everyone for the feedback!

This round may not be so clear cut. We’ll have Robin up to the plate to defend the fallen KF against Kate Bishop.

Kate Bishop/ Hawkeye II 

  • Advantages: Adaptable, exploits opponent’s weaknesses, Hawkeye, Mockingbird, and Swordsman’s gear.
  • Disadvantages: No powers, works best on a team

Dick Grayson/ Robin

  • Advantages: Adaptable, stealth, Batman’s tech
  • Disadvantages: No Powers, Over-Confident

Disclaimer: This is easily my favorite match up of the Younger Games, so get ready for some hard-core fangirling. 


So these two aren’t quite a perfect match-up, but their skills balance each other out. Each of them enjoy ranged weaponry, whether it is batarangs or arrows, and each utilizes close-range combat, from swords to martial arts. Both are intellectual tacticians and, unlike our first two contestants, put a little thought into their battles. I would call them an intellectual match for the most part, since both have proven themselves as leaders of their respective teams and capable of multi-step planning. So who has the upper hand?

I’m tempted to say Kate gets the advantage for having a longer range, but Robin could easily counterbalance this with some stealth, and with Batman as his mentor, you better bet he’s got that one covered. However, I don’t think Robin could get the jump on Kate either, because you don’t hold onto a name like Hawkeye without being able to spot those tights before they hit you. As such, the first hit is a draw.

Now this battle is going to be a long and exhaustive one, because these two can keep up with each other blow for blow. Martial Arts? Robin and Kate can both kick higher than a Rockette, so that’s not gong to accomplish much. Shooting arrows? Well Boy Wonder’s just going to cartwheel his way right around them, Flying Grayson style. Batarangs and explosives? Oh you can be sure Kate’s going to kick those right back at you, as she has a tendency to steal weapons, often her enemies. 

Likewise, Dick is just a giant troll.

This battle will most likely involve a lot of movement, change of range and fighting style, and occasionally turn into hide and seek. Inevitably, however, this will devolve into a battle of gear and gadgets. I imagine that a number of things will be destroyed, stolen, or tampered with, whether with EMP arrows or some good old hacking. But these two share a common weakness, which is their reliance on their gear. Kate is limited to a set number of arrows in her quiver, two battle staves, and a sword. Robin on the other hand has a utility belt that Mary Poppin’s would be jealous of. At the end of the day, I think the belt is going to beat the quiver for power, advancement, and quantity. Although she might have the collective gear of three Avengers, Robin’s tech is backed by Bruce Wayne, so Kate better buddy up to Stark soon.


  • Winner: Robin
  • Duration: 25-35 minutes (literally, just make an episode of their fight, yes please)
  • Collateral Damage: Level 2 — “No, not my car!”
  • How’s the Winner Looking?: Definitely NOT feeling the aster. Dick is more than a little exhausted, and down a few hundred thousand in supplies.
  • Watch Your Back For: Barton. The original Hawkeye rarely misses an opportunity to pick up his old bow from his younger namesake to avenge her. Also Eli will probably be causing you problems in the near future. Sorry kid!

Bonus Round:

Who’s the better leader?

This is potentially even tougher to call than the first, but I’m going to say Kate. They both hold clear potential, and both make some terrible mistakes, but on the whole, she shows much more maturity than Robin. Robin still has a tendency to fly solo, while Kate doesn’t fight for the spotlight. Plus, if Robin was put in charge of the time bomb which is Young Avengers, he might just cry. Tommy is a problem. Also Iron Lad. I often question how this team functions. 

So that’s a wrap for Round two! What do you think, is Boy Wonder the winner? More importantly, how many people want to see this actually happen? Because I would pay good money for this.

Younger Games, Round One! And the winner is…?

If you are wondering what the hell this is, check out this post.

Because undoubtably these two would be the first to race into battle, our first combatants are:

Wally West/Kid Flash:

  • Advantages: Professional experience with Flash and YJ Team, a winning smile
  • Disadvantages: Reliance on food for fuel, impulsive

Tommy Shepherd/Speed

  • Advantages: Molecular destabilization, questionable morals
  • Disadvantages: Impulsive


So here we have two heroes with incredibly similar abilities, but very different upbringings. Wally has significantly more experience actually being a super hero since he has serving as Flash’s sidekick and being one of the original members of the Young Justice Team. On the other hand, Tommy is one of the last additions to the Young Avengers team, and before this was involved in less than heroic activities, putting him at an experience disadvantage. However, the rough and tough upbringing gives Tommy a very vital advantage: a questionable moral guide. Kid Flash tends to go for incapacitation while Speed just goes straight for explosions. In the Younger Games, Speed’s destructive nature will give him a leg up. 

Additionally, Tommy possesses considerably more lethal potential than Wally due to his molecular destabilization, an ability which allows him to explode any object he directs his vibrations at. The clincher to the battle is a comparison of the two speedsters’ weaknesses. Wally is always shown at a disadvantage when he runs out of food to fuel his speed. Not to mention he will be missing the real source of his power in this fight: his broship with Robin. He may also be tripped up in battle by distractions, or by literally tripping. Speed’s biggest problem comes from his impulsive nature, as classically shown when he walks directly into a trap despite Billy’s warning. However, since Wally isn’t known for planning, it is unlikely that he would manage to trick Speed into betraying a weakness that he too suffers from.

When all is said and done, Speed would most likely blow the ground around Wally to smithereens until the poor kid tripped himself up. 


  • Winner: Tommy Shepherd/Speed
  • Duration: 3 seconds real time, a few minutes subjective time
  • Collateral Damage: Level 3—”No, not my house!” The citizens of the city do not want to see a rematch of these two anytime soon.
  • How’s the Winner Looking?: Not too shabby, and still as cocky as always
  • Watch your back for: Robin, he’s going to batarang you right in the kneecap.

Bonus Round:

Who would win in a race?

I feel bad, since Kid Flash was just pummeled by explosions, but I’m going with Tommy again for this one. I would argue that once they are both adults, this might not be the case. However, Tommy is shown to be on par with Quicksilver, the adult speedster of the Marvel-verse, while Wally is still portrayed as a step below Flash. It seems like one of these kids hit puberty faster than the other one!

I have managed to awkwardly include a question mark in the post title so you add your opinions to the match! What do you think? Is Speed the real champion?

Younger Games Anyone?

So I recently made a post comparing the Young Avengers team to the Young Justice team, and I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few of you enjoyed it as well.

But then I thought, when we make crossovers, what do we really care about?

Who would beat the crap out of who! And clearly pitting small children against each other in fights to the death is in season this year, so I figured I would start a mini tumblr series called:

Yes, that’s actually the title I picked. No, but really.

Moving on! This will serve as the introduction post to give you all an idea of what I’m planning and see if anyone finds this remotely interesting.

The Younger Games will comprise of:

  • 9 individual rounds- based off of the match-ups I made in my original post so we can figure out who is the fastest speedster or the best shot.
  • 5 Team Rounds-a full Team vs. Team match pitting 8 Young Avengers versus 8 Young Justice members. This means lots of tag-teaming and fun combos. Each round more people will be knocked out, so things will get hairy real fast. 

The matches will be based off of characters traits (powers, skill, personality, etc.) and experience. Please note these matches are NOT based off of popularity. Even if a character is hated, doesn’t mean they couldn’t win a fight. As such I will be doing my best to remain unbiased, but if you think I made a wrong call let me know! I’m making this because I love speculation and these two series, I’d love to hear more opinions!

This will be based off of Young Avengers comics and Young Justice Season 1. I’m going to stay away from other Marvel and DC comics as fodder because that will just get confusing. 

And with that the Young Games have officially begun!